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Thank you for your interest in Inc. was founded with the desire to offer the highest quality Mass Storage & Internet Hosting solutions available.

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Fiber Backbone & Nodes Inc. has their main computing center located in the INFOMART Dallas. The INFOMART is optically connected to 12 independent communication carriers including AT&T, UUnet, Qwest, PSI, Sprint, Cable & Wireless, Verio, and Cogent. These independent carriers route Internet traffic using full BGP connections to a PNAP for complete redundancy. At our network connection has a multi-homed 1 Gig Bit connection integrated to the buildings internal InterNAP network which consist of multiple OC-48 rings coupled directly to a PNAP Tier 1 OC-192 Fiber Optic backbone.

Network Maps can be seen here.

Data & Computing Center
The physical infrastructure and security controls at the Dallas Infomart have been designed to satisfy the most rigorous requirements. The site is geared for fully secure e-commerce, and for other sensitive data storage and transmission needs. The Dallas Infomart provides around the clock up time with 3 independent A/C feeds and robust UPS resources. Building security and over all integrity is provided by 24 hr roving security guards 7 days a week along with a highly sophisticated fire suppression system that operates in all sensitive areas.

Dallas Infomart
Map of Our Location. has it's Data and Computing center located in a private suite at the Dallas Infomart, one of the worlds most advanced networking centers. Situated on 25 acres of land, INFOMART Dallas boast an extensive array of amenities and services as a Class A office building. This landmark facility was designed to be the world's first technology market center.

Construction Steel frame curtainwall construction, slab over metal deck. All 6 floors have 180,000-sf floorplates.

Ceiling Height The first floor maintains a clear height in excess of 24 feet, allowing for built-in vertical expansion of switch-gear via mezzanine construction. Floors 2 through 7 have ceiling heights of 14 feet deck-to-deck, allowing 12 feet, 6 inches minimum clear height.

Floor Loading Capacity The first floor supports 250 lbs/sf. Floors 2 through 7 support 75 lbs/sf.

Fiber Access INFOMART Dallas is served by Allegiance Telecom, Level 3, MCI Worldcom, Brooks Fiber, Metromedia Fiber Networks, e-spire, Teleport Communications Group, NEXTLINK, Southwestern Bell, Enron and Time Warner, AT&T, UUnet.

Power Hospital-grade electrical power supplied by 3 independent Texas Utility station feeds and six in-building transformer substations. Two substations feed a main plant at 4,160 volts. One station feeds each quadrant of INFOMART Dallas with 480-volt service through 4,000-AMP electric risers. There is a station located in each corner of the building, with a distribution center on each floor. Overall, INFOMART Dallas offers up to 20 W/sf of electrical power.

HVAC Five 1,500-ton centrifugal chillers provide chilled water for the facility's air conditioning system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Companies with high-density or specific chilled water requirements can avoid buying their own expensive equipment by tapping into INFOMART's chilled water system.

Conduit/Chase Space Electrical and fiber access is provided through four large, 360-sf riser closets. All rooms are secured through a centrally monitored card access entry point. Fiber entry occurs in each quadrant of the building, on the lower level, ensuring ample access to floors 2 through 6 with virtually unlimited access to telecom spaces on level one.

Elevators The building contains four panoramic passengers elevators and 2 freight elevators - one with 6,000-pound capacity, one with 4,000-pound capacity.

Computing Centers

Infomart Dallas
1950 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX. 75207

Century Building
80 Pauahi St #207
Hilo, HI. 96720


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