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Tue 27-September-2022

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Welcome to's Frequently Asked Question - FAQ page. Please see our "Service License Agreement" (SLA) or "Acceptable Use Policy" (AUP) sites for questions regarding's legal policies. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us at

Common Questions


What are my RAID choices? provides a complete range of RAID types from Level 0 to Level 10. Experience has shown us that Level 5 RAID has the best price to performance ratio.


What are my Tape Drive and Library choices? offers both single and mutiple tape drives as per the customer's requirements.  We also provide single tape solutions as well as Mutli Tape Library Systems for those that have large data archives..


Can I use both a RAID and Tape Solution Together?

Yes, in fact that's the recommended solution for maximizing the integrity of your data.


Can I Scale a Storage Solution as the need grows? offers the best Scalable Solutions avialable on the market.


Do you give Dedicated Bandwidth?

Yes. Each and every server has dedicated bandwidth with direct access into our 1 Gigs bit, Tier 1 Internet Connection.


Do you allow Burstable Connections? does not oversell bandwidth. Each server is guaranteed a designated amount and allow to burst over that amount. With a 1 Giga bit connection we have plenty of bandwidth for everyone.


Do you charge for Monitoring?

No. You need to know your business is running and your customers are being served.


Is a Contract required?

No. We do not require a long term contract. We believe once you signup you will not want to leave.


Where are your Dual Processor Machines?

Why have a single, dual processor machine when you can have multiple redundant servers. Server Load balancing provides us the abililty to scale your website when you need that extra horsepower, it is that simple.


What type of Content is Allowed?

At we believe that if it is legal under US Federal Law then you may have it on your server. We are not the content police. If authorities question us about your content we reserve the right to ask you to remove it. Bottom line: if it is legal you may post it on your site.


I need more RAM and Hard Drive Space?

Send an email to and we will schedule a time to upgrade your server free of charge.


What is your Uptime (SLA) Agreement agrees to keep the network for your server up 99.99% of the time. We do not guaranteed your server will have 99.999% due to your ablility to shutdown the server and stop services. If you would like 100% guaranteed uptime contact us for more information, additional fees may apply.


How do I Pay My Bill?

We require you to pay by credit card, bank transfer, money order, or electronic check. For your benefit we suggest setting up automatic bill pay with us.


When is my Payment Due?

Your bill is due on the first of every month. We charge before the service is rendered. In the long run this saves you money. If we have zero collection expense then we don't have to pass these charges along to our good customers.

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