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Tue 27-September-2022

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StatCounter Network Maps

Logo Los Angeles - Computing Center & Fiber Network has it's primary Data and Computing center located in a private suite at the INFOMART Dallas, one of the worlds most advanced networking centers. The INFOMART is optically connected to 12 independent communication carriers including AT&T, UUnet, Qwest, PSI, Sprint, Cable & Wireless, Verio, SBC and Cogent.



These independent carriers route Internet traffic using full BGP connections to a PNAP for complete Carrier Redundancy. At our network connection has a multi-Homed 1 Gig Bit connection integrated to the buildings internal InterNAP network which consist of multiple OC-48 rings coupled directly to a PNAP Tier 1 OC-192 Fiber Optic backbone.

With of our full Carrier Redundancy, InterNap and multi-Homed PNAP connection, has continuous access to 12 different Fiber Optic Networks.

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