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Tue 27-September-2022

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SAN & NAS Storage

Logo Chicago Hancock



Cross Platform File Sharing SAN Sytems
-Windows, Unix/Linux, Netware

Directory Service Support

Maxtor MAXAttach

Grande Vitesse Systems

Highly scalable SAN Systems from 160GB to 25.0TB

High data reliability

24x7 Technical Phone Support


Our 360GB-1.8TB SAN Solutions start for as little as $10 GB/month!

  • SANS Scalable from 360GB Solutions
  • Over 400 Mb/s Transfer Rates
  • Highspeed Internet Access
  • Network Attached Storage
  • 24/7 Support

Sun Microsystems

We at have SAN Solutions that are second to none.

Our goal is to use the finest and latest technology to provide our users with the utmost in reliability and security.

For more information, please send your inquires to:

SAN Storage Systems, 360GB - 25.0TB Solutions

  SAN Sizes   0.36-1.8TB   0.72-3.6TB   1.4-7.2TB   2.1-10.8TB   4.1-25.0TB

  Cogent Bandwidth   T1   T1   T1   T1   T1  

  First Month       $1660       $4140       $6993       $8344       $11497

  Recuring Monthly       $1510       $3940       $6793       $8044       $10997

Data Insurance Policies to match all of your data storage needs are available for an extra fee. has Dedicated Servers for your Hosting needs.
Please inquire at

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